Sierra MurphyI LOVE SCHOOL! If I could go to school forever, I would.  School is where I met the friends that would carry me through life.  School is where I discovered I loved art and learning.  School was a wonderful and safe place for me where I could cultivate my interests and be surrounded by different and amazing people. I LOVE SCHOOL!
In school, I became a cheerleader, president of my class, pledge educator of my sorority. I joined groups and committees. I studied literature and art, and became a graphic designer. I am who I am today because of my school experiences.
When I graduated, I really missed it! So what next? I volunteered for my community.  I became Publicity Chair, then Co-president of my Civic Association. I became a wife and a mother and began volunteering at my children's schools... fundraising committees, homeroom mom and lunch monitor.  Focusing my work on our children and our school communities feels exactly right. 
Creating school spirit wear is not a new idea. I know this. But as I looked around I saw the possibility for something better... My goal is simple. I want more thoughtful designs, personalized items, better quality and funds for schools.
Twinkle is about empowering students and raising school spirit. Twinkle is about lifting the student, awakening possibility, increasing positivity.  And most of all, Twinkle is about supporting our schools! 
Let's work together for your school. Let Twinkle help you reach your fundraising goals!