Twinkle became a twinkle in 2020... It is one of the beautiful things than came out of a few difficult years, a reminder that there is always a silver lining.
No one has to tell you, how hard it was when the world stopped. We were all in dark days.  Our kids were really struggling. We all felt so uncertain. We needed hope. We needed to band together through screens any way we could. We needed to stay connected.
In that stillness, came the idea for Twinkle...  spirit in the face of darkness.  What is better than building a company that will support our children and our communities? The path was not yet planned but the answer was clear and the goals were set.
Twinkle was founded with the hope of empowering our children and raising community spirit. It is about creating a brand and making merchandise easy and accessible. It's about our communities, our schools, teams, groups coming together for a common interest. It's about being inclusive and supportive for the sake of our kids and their wellbeing.  

The goal is simple:
:  Accessible merchandise all year round.
: Free, fun and personal designs.
: No left over inventory, items printed and embroidered on demand.
: Items deliver quickly and ship directly to customers.
: Logo and Mascot creation to generate identity and more spirit
: 10% of all Online Store sales go back to your organization!

Want bulk orders? We can hep!
Want brands? We do flash sale for specialty items. 

We would be honored to work with your school, camp, team or group. 
Together, let's make your spirit shine!